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ANWC Holiday Party - Wed. December 11, 2019. Save this date and prepare for a fabulous celebration!

Attention ANWC Members: 

If you are interested in becoming a member of the American News Women's Club, please call the office at (202) 332-6770 or send us an email to

Club Hours:

Monday, Wed. 12 - 4 p.m., Fri. 12 - 2 p.m.

Phone: 202-332-6770


Our Historic Clubhouse

The ANWC Clubhouse (also known as Cranford House) is located at 1607 22nd Street NW, Washington, DC on Embassy Row and two blocks from the Dupont Circle metro. Street parking is available depending upon time of day and there are parking garages in the neighborhood. Great for seasonal events, consider booking your event today! (click here for more information)

Meet our ANWC 2019 Mission Oriented Interns!

Meet Caroline Zonts, a senior in the School of Media & Public Affairs at the George Washington University. We are thrilled to have her with us and look forward to great achievements.

Annaliese Keller is a rising junior at the George Washington University studying political science. She is a passionate supporter of the ANWC's mission to expand the advancement of women in journalism. 

And our Proud 2019 ANWC Scholarship Winners!

Jaha Knight, AU       Colleen Grablick, GWU

Programs 2019-2020 at the Clubhouse

Thurs. October 24,  6:30 p.m. Women Ambassadors: The Art of Diplomacy.

Mon. September 23, 6:30 p.m. - Celebrating 100 years of Women and the 19th Amendment. Come join Elaine Weiss, esteemed author of The Woman's Hour: The Great Fight to Win the Vote (Viking Press) and board member Eleanor Clift, author of Founding Sisters and the Nineteeth Amendment (Wiley Publishers) for what is sure to be a lively presentation and conversation on one of the great accomplishments for women of our era.  

Popular Past Programs 

Tuesday, March 12, 2019 - 6:30 p.m at the Clubhouse. In celebration of Women's History Month, Dorothy Butler Gilliam, making history with her Groundbreaking Memoir.

Programs 2018

Some fabulous programs featuring barrier breaking speakers are in the works this year. Please continue to check in and see what we have in store for you.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018, 6:30 p.m., Howard Kurtz and his take on the media in the age of Trump. 


PAST PROGRAMS: January 24, Washington insider Sally Quinn on her book "Finding Magic", Liza Mundy's November 16 "Code Girls" book discussion was very special. If you joined us October 4 for State of Education with Politico's Kimberly Hefling and Laura McGiffert Slover, CEO of Centerpoint Education, it was a stellar event.

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Scholarship Winners 2017

(left to right) Pres.NPC, Jeff Ballou, Scholarship winners Lauren Sullivan (George Mason University) and Makeda Francis, (Howard University), ANWC EIJ honoree Susan Page and ANWC Pres. Helen R. White

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The Trupps, with Sandy Trupp as our revered member and her husband Phil and daughters make membership for the ANWC a family affair. Contact the Club office if you are interested in becoming an esteemed member.

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We can't wait to see you at our next groundbreaking program!  


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Past Program              

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ANWC Tribute to Cokie Roberts

Sept. 17, 2019, Wash. DC - It is with great sadness that we mourn the loss of pioneering broadcast journalist, bestselling author (6 books), and noted ANWC Excellence in Journalism Recipient (2003), Cokie Roberts, also known as Mary Martha Corinne Morrison Claiborne Boggs Roberts. She raised the bar for women in the field of journalism throughout her lifetime with her careful, thoughtful and dogged reporting and her tireless support of women behind the scenes along the way.  She is revered by so many and will remain a role model for those to come. Our condolences go out to her family and appreciation for a life well lived.  


Past Program: Monday, September 23, 2019

6:30 p.m. at the ANWC Clubhouse

Celebrating 100 Years of the 19th Amendment!


For more information about Elaine Weiss and The Woman's Hour, click here!

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Welcome New Board Members, and MC Andrews, our 2019-2020 President of the ANWC! Renewal Packages have been Mailed!

Click here for the 2019-2020 renewal invoice and mail (or email!) to the ANWC Club Office.

Deadline for Renewals is August 31!

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Our 2019 Annual Meeting and Election of Officers will be held Tuesday, June 25 at 6:30 p.m. at the Clubhouse. Please join board member and moderator Eleanor Clift, Pew Research Center's Elisa Shearer and your ANWC colleagues to discuss the state of the club and the media. To reserve, email or call the office at (202) 332-6770 during business hours (M,W,F 10:30 a.m.-2:30 p.m.).


The ANWC is pleased to have awarded Wolf Blitzer with its 2019 Excellence in Journalism award on May 15 at our annual benefit dinner, this year a "Roast & Toast honoring Wolf Blitzer" at the National Press Club.  ANWC president Janis Lamar noted, “for more than 40 years Wolf has admirably practiced the fundamental values of good journalism, reporting the news accurately, honestly, responsibly and fairly. The ultimate professional, Wolf’s work truly has made him an icon in journalism,”  Special thanks to emcee Dana Bash as well as the roasters/toasters: Susan PagePaxton BakerJay ShaylorSam Feist and Ana Navarro. The ballroom was packed with members and special guests, all great admirers of Wolf. It was truly a night to remember. 

Click here to read the story in the Washington Post Reliable Source by Helena Andrews-Dyer and click here for other press coverage.

Click here to read the Press Release. 

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Please Note:


                         New Hours: Tuesdays and Thursdays, 10 am - 3 pm, Fridays,  noon - 4 pm

                           Please call us if you need anything.  Club Office Phone:  202-332-6770


Reserve Today and Press Forward with Dianna Pierce Burgess at the ANWC

Monday, November 5, 2018  6:30 PM  


Join us for compelling, off-the-record, conversation with Press Forward Co-Founder and Executive Director, Dianna Pierce Burgess and Gloria Riviera and Shannon Van Sant from the Press Forward initiative who will address the latest on harrassment, empowerment for women and what's needed to change the culture in newsrooms around the globe. Founded in the wake of the #MeToo movement and addressing the concerns of the present #NowWhat response Press Forward strives for equality and fairness for women throughout the media landscape.   

                      Reserve today at or call 202-332-6770

$25.00 for members, $30.00 for guests, $15.00 for students, lite fare supper, networking and program included.  


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Julie Pace,  Washington D.C. Bureau Chief,  Associated Press

Wednesday,  September 26,  6:30 p.m.,  Don't miss it. Reserve Today!


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Calling All ANWC Members! 'Tis the Season for Membership Renewal.

                       Please be on the lookout for your letter from ANWC President

        Janis Lamar and dues invoice via mail and/or call us at the Club Office to renew!    


                            We appreciate your continued support of the ANWC. 

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                            ANWC ANNUAL MEETING & Election of Officers

                      6:30 p.m. at the Clubhouse, Thurs., June 14, 2018

            To reserve, contact the Club Office at

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Veteran and beloved broadcast journalist Ann Curry raises the "Who, What, Where" award and the bar for exellence in journalism award dinners May 9 at the NPC.  "It was one of our best," said ANWC President Janis Lamar. She is one of our best. It was an extraordianary night for women in journalism.           


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                                                               *** MEDIA ALERT ***


Benefit Award Dinner Wed., May 9 at National Press Club

The American News Women’s Club selected Ann Curry to receive its 2018 Excellence in Journalism Award. Curry will be celebrated at the ANWC’s annual benefit dinner, Wed., May 9, at the National Press Club. The dinner raises funds for journalism scholarships. Curry, a television personality, news journalist and photojournalist reporter for more than 30 years, is the executive producer and reporter of “We’ll Meet Again,” airing on PBS. Please find our registration page on the banner above marked  2018 Award Dinner - Ann Curry.  We can't wait to see you.  


Contact the ANWC at (202) 332-6770 or for additional information and reserve today.





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Tuesday,  March 13, 2018 6:30 p.m.


 MEDIA MADNESS: Donald Trump, the Press and the War over Truth

 RESERVE TODAY! Contact the Club office 202-332-6770 or

Contact us if you'd like to submit suggestions for more exciting programs to We look forward to hearing your suggestions! 

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Wednesday, Jan. 24th  6:30 p.m.



Wednesday,  January 24, 2018, 6:30 PM

 FINDING MAGIC: A Spiritual Memoir

 RESERVE EARLY: call 202-332-6770

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 Dec. 7, 2017

ANWC Annual Holiday Party

6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. - We've got some exciting entertainment in the works, a delicious buffet and the IWMF Emergency Fund for women journalists (for more info visit as our designated charity this year. Board Member MC Andrews is our Chair. You'll be hearing more details very soon. We look forward to a fun & festive evening.Reserve early! Don't miss this one.  



LIZA MUNDY: Breaking the Code

COMING UP SOON: Thurs., Nov. 16, 2017 at the Club, 6:30 p.m. networking, dinner 7:15 p.m. program

Journalist and bestselling author: Liza Mundy will discuss "Code Girls," (Hachette Books, just released and on bestellers lists already), the "riveting untold story of the brave American young women who cracked the Japanese and German code to help win World War II." For more info on the book or the author go to  Reserve early for what will surely be a fascinating evening, or call 202-332-6770.                                   

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 SLOVER, HEFLING, MARGOLIS: Breaking Barriers in Education

                                                 A VERY SPECIAL EVENING HAD BY ALL

                                                 Wed. Oct. 4, 2017  STATE OF EDUCATION 

6:30 p.m. Come join us at the Club as we discuss our current State of Education. This is first in a seris of "State of" discussions! Meet Kimberly Hefling, Senior Education Writer at Politco (pictured below).   

                                 Kimberly Hefling

 Also meet Laura McGiffert Slover, President and CEO of Centerpoint Education Solutions (pictured below).  And Aleta Margolis,  Found of Center for Inspired Teaching. Reserve today. 202-332-6770 or email us at! 

Laura Slover Aleta Margolis













RESERVE TODAY for lite fare dinner, networking and this very special program. CALL 202-332-6770 or email Janina at 

The ANWC is America's oldest women's Press Club.


 ANWC Welcomes New Board

CONGRATULATIONS to ANWC's new President, Janis Lamar (center) who will keep the momentum and continue to lead our new 2017-2018 Governing Board and our membership to great success. We are truly honored and grateful to have such a professional as Janis Lamar head up our leadership team. For a complete list of the newly appointed slate of ANWC Governing Board officers click here.

 (2017-2018 ANWC Board Members (L-R), Jean White, Pamela Hosey, Sandy Trupp, Janis Lamar, Eleanor Clift, Jan DuPlain, Jane Pennewell, not pictured: Sheilah Kast, MC Andrews)

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 SUSAN PAGE: Asking the Tough Questions

Wash., DC, May 4, 2017 - USA TODAY's Susan Page accepted the ANWC Excellence in Journalism Award 2017 with great fanfare and with CNN's Wolf Blitzer as emcee at the National Press Club. A great night was had by all in support of the best journalism and in celebrating the founding of the ANWC. The "Who What Where" award, a question mark,

was designed by trailblazing artist Lolo Sarnoff.  It's made of plexiglass but you don't win it without asking the tough questions. Bravo Susan! Thank you ANWC President Jean White (pictured above left next to 2017 honoree Susan Page) for your stalwart efforts to steer the efforts celebrating our 85 years of the ANWC.   "After 85 years, we've earned our way, said Claire Swift," Co-chair of the dinner with Co-chairs Jan Du Plain, Janis Lamar, Pam Stevens and Sandy Trupp.

 Susan Page proudly accepted the honor surrounded by her family and friends, members of the ANWC and a gamut of journalsts and newsmakers including roasters Diane Rehm, Chris Matthews, her son, Ben Leubsdorf and so many others including artist Patty Raine, writer and producer John Greco. And a benefit committee of ANWC supporters. 

                                                        #                          #


MEET OUR ANWC EXCELLENCE IN JOURNALIMSM PAST RECIPIENTS AND GUESS WHO'S NEXT?  On May 4th in a glorious celebration, we'll be honoring USA TODAY's SUSAN PAGE (in red). Registration is OPEN to purchase seats and tables for ANWC's All-Star Evening of Excellence 2017 at the Press Club.  Click here to reserve today!  It's looking to be sold out. Purchase now!

                                                                    *      *     *    *


Thursday, March 30, 2017/
6:30 PM at the ANWC  

 Susan Quinn will present her intimate portrait published by Penguin Books of the three decades long relationship between the First Lady and  journalist Lorena Hickok that tranformed them both.  Their relationship begain in 1932 when the ANWC was founded.


$25.00 for members and guests/ lite fare dinner (limited seating) Please reserve early!. Contact JANINA AT THE CLUB OFFICE AT 202-332-6770,  Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 10 am- 4:00 pm, e-mail  Books will be available. 

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Award Evening to be held at Nat'l Press Club, Thurs. May 4, 2017


The American News Women's Club has chosen veteran news reporter and Washington bureau chief Susan Page from USA TODAY to receive its Excellence in Journalism Award for 2017. Ms. Page has covered The White House and national politics through ten presidential elections. She will be recognized for her outstanding professional accomplishments at the ANWC gala award evening at the National Press Club on Thurs., May 4, 2017,  to benefit ANWC's scholarships for aspiring journalism students.  The ANWC is celebrating its eighty-fifth year of women breaking barriers.   MARK YOUR CALENDARS!


AMAZING EVENING:  Wed. FEBRUARY 15th at the CLUB - 'THE SILVER BARON'S WIFE' by Donna Baier Stein -  First in our "Women Breaking Barriers" series

 Hear about the colorful life and times of Lizzie McCort Taber aka "Baby Doe", one of America's original legends from the Wild West to her Willard Hotel Wedding.  Reserve early! Limited seating.  Click here for more info or go to our Programs page for more on exciting programs.  

                                                                                 # # #


 In 2014, the ANWC honored legendary broadcast journalist Gwen Ifill (PBS News Hour, Washington Week) with the ANWC Excellence in Journalism Award for her outstanding service in journalism. She was incredibly gracious and grateful. On behalf of all the members of the ANWC we are sorry for the world's great loss of such a beloved figure.  Rest in Peace Gwen Ifill.  Your presence and dedication to excellence will be sorely missed.   


Left to right:  Julie Chase,  Martha Raddatz,  Eleanor Clift,  Claire Swift, Gwen Ifill,  Dorothy Giliiam and John Dickerson.


# # #



Congratulations to ANWC lifetime honorary member (former FLOTUS)  Hillary Clinton who made history on July 27, 2016, as the first woman ever to be nominated by the Democratic Party for president of the United Sates. Congratulations Hillary for having the courage to continue breaking barriers for all women. On August 18, 1920, the 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution was ratiefied to grant American women the right to vote. Every First Lady of the United States has been a member of the ANWC since 1932. 


Annual Meeting/Election of Officers 2016

Page Crosland (Comms Liaison) Ginny Daly, (Past President, Governo), Claire Swift (Past Presiden) Jan DuPlain (VP of Diplomatic Relations) Jean White (President) and Pamela Hosey (Secretary) gather for the ANWC Annual Meeting and Election of Officers on June 21st at the ANWC.     


Page Crosland, Jane Pennewell (VP of Membership), Jan DuPlain (VP of Diplomatic Relations),  Marion Mattingly (Governor),  Claire Swift,  Eleanor Clift (Governor) and Jean White.  Missing Sandy Trupp, (VP of Stratgic Development) and Hal Matson (Historian).


Frances Stroh

The gorgeous Frances Stroh packed the house at the ANWC June 15th for our Author's program: Beer Money: A Memoir of Privilege and Loss (published by Harper Collins).

ANWC sponsoring Board Member Claire Swift, our speaker, Frances Stroh and ANWC President Jean White.    


Greta Van Susteren Receives
ANWC 2016 Excellence in Journalism Award 

May 19, 2016 - National Press Club, Wash., DC - Fox friends, fans along ANWC members and guests alike adored and adorned Fox News host and veteran reporter Greta Van Susteren as she recieved the ANWC's prestigious Excellence in Journalism Award. A magnificent time was had by all. Thank you Greta for making it look effortless and for being such a pro for all of these years. As our 2016 recipient, Greta joins our hall of fame of lifetime honorary members of the ANWC  Way to go Greta! Click here for our list of past recipients.


Click here for more photos from our 2016 Greta gala and more from our photo galleries.


ANWC Gala 2016:  A Family Affair


Three ANWC members Kathy Trupp, Sandy Trupp and Becky Trupp gather with their husbands John, Phil and Kevin Rolan at the Press Club this year. Phil and Sandy Trupp were the first to join our Club as a couple!                                            ____________________________________________

                             Click here for more photos and/or visit our photo galleries!