Tuesday, March 12, 2019 - 6:30 p.m at the Clubhouse. In celebration of Women's History Month, Dorothy Butler Gilliam, making history with her Groundbreaking Memoir.

Contact the Club office (202-332-6770) to reserve early.

The 2019-2020 Scholarship Application process is in progress.  Please contact our office if you have any questions.

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Meet our proud ANWC Scholarship Winners from last year.

Riddhi Sarkar, American Univ., Felicia Kalkman, George Washington Univ. and Courtney Rozen, American University.

Programs 2018

Some fabulous programs featuring barrier breaking speakers are in the works this year. Please continue to check in and see what we have in store for you.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018, 6:30 p.m., Howard Kurtz and his take on the media in the age of Trump. 


PAST PROGRAMS: January 24, Washington insider Sally Quinn on her book "Finding Magic", Liza Mundy's November 16 "Code Girls" book discussion was very special. If you joined us October 4 for State of Education with Politico's Kimberly Hefling and Laura McGiffert Slover, CEO of Centerpoint Education, it was a stellar event.



2017-2018 Membership Renewals are out. If you did not receive yours, you can download here: http://anwc.com/membership-renewal/  Send in your renewal today!

Meet our Interns

Blair Abington, Lily Chorches, Gianna Rago and Shelby Weathers from AU's Washington Mentorship Program.

 Historic Clubhouse

The ANWC Clubhouse is located at 1607 22nd Street,NW, Washington, DC on Embassy Row and two blocks from the Dupont Circle metro. Street parking is available depending upon time of day and there are parking garages in the neighborhood.

Club Hours: M, T, W, F 10:30 am - 2:30 PM Phone: 202-332-6770, Email: anwclub@comcast.net

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Scholarship Winners 2017

(left to right) Pres.NPC, Jeff Ballou, Scholarship winners Lauren Sullivan (George Mason University) and Makeda Francis, (Howard University), ANWC EIJ honoree Susan Page and ANWC Pres. Helen R. White

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History in the Making: Cranford House

 Cranford House: Home to the American News Women's Club

ANWC is located at 1607 22nd Street, NW, Washington, DC 20008 at 22nd Street and Florida Ave., on Embassy Row between the Bulgarian and Estonian Embassies.  For use for an event contact cranfordhouse@anwc.org. Regular  office hours are Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays 10a-4p and move to summer hours in June. Call us at 202-332-6770 or e-mail us anwclub@comcast.net. Street parking is available but limited depending on time of day. Parking garages are nearby on Mass. Avenue. Allow yourself time to park.


The Trupps, with Sandy Trupp as our revered member and her husband Phil and daughters make membership for the ANWC a family affair. Contact the Club office if you are interested in becoming an esteemed member.

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Photo Galleries

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the many exciting ANWC events.

ANWC GOVERNING BOARD 2018–2019 (slate **new)

Board of Governors:

President: Janis Lamar

VP Strategic Development: Sandy Trupp

VP Membership: Jane Pennewell

Secretary/Treasurer: Pamela Hosey

Governor -Internatonal Relations: Jan DuPlain

Governor:  MC Andrews

Governor:  Eleanor Clift

Governor:  Sheilah Kast

Immediate Past President: Jean White

**Historian:  Hal Matson


Executive Director of Strategic Development:   Claire Swift

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Board Meetings 2017-2018

The following are the dates for the scheduled meetings of ANWC Board of Governors for this fiscal year:

7/14/2017,  9/12/17; 11/28/17; 2/20/18; 4/24/18  -- moved to 5/22/18)

The following is our slate of officers as proposed by the Nominating Committee and unanimously voted in by membership at the June 14th Annual Meeting.


Board of Governors:

President: Janis Lamar

VP Strategic Development: Sandy Trupp

VP Diplomatic Relations: Jan Du Plain

VP Membership: Jane Pennewell

Secretary/Treasurer: Pamela Hosey

Governor:  MC Andrews

Governor:  Eleanor Clift

Governor:  Sheilah Kast

Immediate Past President: Jean White

 * * * * * * * * *

Executive Director of Strategic Development:  Claire Swift

The ANWC Board of Governors is comprised of a group of dedicated members who give their time and resources in their chosen area to support and govern the ANWC.  Developed by a nominating committee, and guided by the Club's historic bylaws, the slate of nominees are elected by the general Club membership. Board terms depend on position held. To be considered for serving on our next Board, please contact the Club president.




Jean White



Jan DuPlain

VP of Diplomatic Relations

Jane Pennewell

VP of Membership


Sandy Trupp

VP of Strategic Development


Pamela Hosey



Eleanor Clift 



Ginny Daly



Sheilah Kast



Marion Mattingly




Hal Matson

Club Historian


Claire Sanders Swift

 Sr. Director of Strategic Development, Past President



Webmaster: Margot Raphael,  Margotrap@comcast.net

PART TIME STAFF, VOLUNTEERS   Through the Club Office 202-332-6770


Macrio De Silva (Rogerio) Building Supervisor



July 18  (Mon) 2016
Sept 12 (Mon) 2016

Oct 11 (Tues)  2016 (additional date added)

Nov 1  (Mon) 2016
Holiday Party  Dec 12 (Mon)  2016
Jan 9th  (Mon)  2017
Mar 6th  ((Mon) 2017 ***85th Anniversary Celebration - TBD
May 8th  (Mon)  2017
June 14   (Wed)  ANNUAL MEETING  - Election of Officers