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 Historic Clubhouse

The ANWC Clubhouse is located at 1607 22nd Street,NW, Washington, DC on Embassy Row and two blocks from the Dupont Circle metro. Street parking is available depending upon time of day and there are parking garages in the neighborhood.

Summer hours: (June-Aug) M, W, F 10:30 am - 2:30 PM Phone: 202-332-6770, Email:

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Wed. June 14th, 6:30 PM Annual Meeting/Election of Officers, **7:15  Anna Palmer of Politco's Playbook: Power Briefing  will address the ANWC's full house of members on this special evening. Click here to Reserve early!  It's sure to be a sold out evening. Our programs are open to members,  guests, and students.

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Scholarship Winners 2017

(left to right) Pres.NPC, Jeff Ballou, Scholarship winners Lisa Sullivan (George Mason University) and Makita Francis, (Howard University), ANWC EIJ honoree Susan Page and ANWC Pres. Helen R. White

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History in the Making: Cranford House

 Cranford House: Home to the American News Women's Club

ANWC is located at 1607 22nd Street, NW, Washington, DC 20008 at 22nd Street and Florida Ave., on Embassy Row between the Bulgarian and Estonian Embassies.  For use for an event contact Regular  office hours are Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays 10a-4p and move to summer hours in June. Call us at 202-332-6770 or e-mail us Street parking is available but limited depending on time of day. Parking garages are nearby on Mass. Avenue. Allow yourself time to park.


The Trupps, with Sandy Trupp as our revered member and her husband Phil and daughters make membership for the ANWC a family affair. Contact the Club office if you are interested in becoming an esteemed member.

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ELIZABETH BREE: Intern Extraordinaire! Special Thanks!

Thank you Elizabeth for your special service in support of the ANWC. Elizabeth interned with us as part of her Georgetown University Summer in Washington DC program.  She's back to Fordham University. 

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Meet the Ambassadors 2014

WASHINGTON, DC, June 16  – Natalie DiBlasio with USA Today was elected President of the American News Women’s Club at this evening’s meeting.  Her election was immediately followed by remarks from Estonia’s Ambassador to the U.S. Her Excellency Marina Kaljurand -- the evening’s featured guest on the ANWC’s Meet the Ambassadors series.

Estonia, formally a part of the Soviet Union, was described by Ambassador Kaljurand as having a “friendly” relationship with the U.S.  She provided her listeners with a history of her small Baltic nation which became fully independent in 1991.  She explained that Estonians were the creators of the Skype technology and that her country has established an “e-government,” where documents and communication are conducted completely online.  She added that laws and regulations have been enacted to protect Estonian citizens’ privacy and identity.

Ambassador Kaljurand earned a Fulbright scholarship and a Master’s Degree in international law and diplomacy from Tufts University, Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy; a professional diploma in international relations from the Estonian School of Diplomacy; and an LL.B cum laude from Tartu University.  She is fluent in Estonian, English and Russian.  

She played a key role in the recent “Estonia in Concert” at the Kennedy Center featuring the music of the internationally acclaimed Estonian composer Arvo Part.

Ambassador Kaljurand has a husband, a daughter and a son.  Her hobbies include Nordic walking, reading, dogs and badminton.  She will soon return to Estonia to become Undersecretary in the Foreign Ministry for Legal and Consular Affairs.

Previous Meet the Ambassadors speakers include Ambassador Kenichiro Sasae of Japan who hosted club members at his residence;  the Dean of the Diplomatic Corps in Washington, Ambassador Roble Olhaye of the Republic of Djibouti;  and  Ambassador Tebelelo Seretse of the Republic of Botswana. The Meet the Ambassadors series is chaired by Marion Mattingly, the club’s Vice President for Programs.

ANWC’s immediate past President Claire Swift said, “Meet the Ambassadors is underwritten by a grant from the MARPAT Foundation and will enable the ANWC to provide global forums for ambassadors and their delegates to share their untold stories with club members, both veteran and young journalists.”  Swift, who secured the grant, added, “The programs feature exchanges of views on important issues, thus, promoting international understanding and cultural awareness in a globalized world.”

Past events:

Tuesday, June 17, 2014: H.E. Marina Kaljurand of Estonia

Wednesday, June 4, 2014: H.E. Tebelelo Mazile Sereste of the Republic of Botswana (Read the press release here.)

Monday, April 28, 2014: H.E. Roble Olhaye of the Republic of Djibouti (Read the press release here.)